Bristol's Number 1 Musical Theatre Choir!

10 reasons to join Bristol Show Choir 

Research from Oxford University estimates that a staggering 2.8 million people in Britain are now members of a choir! 

Bristol is proud to be a part of the choir revolution, with numerous community choirs of all shapes and sizes making singing a staple of their weekly routine. The latest to join the ranks, Bristol Show Choir aims to combine the joy of singing with our passion for musical theatre, singing a whole variety of famous show tunes as well as those lesser known Broadway gems, all in acappella! We started in February 2017, spreading theatrical magic to Southville and Clifton.

Arguably, singing is the most accessible form of music making, so it gives an opportunity to bring people together regardless of ability! It also has some awesome benefits for the body and mind, so let’s explore a few of these: 

* Every rehearsal starts with a warm up, in order to get our bodies prepped for singing. These will consist of a stretch and a couple of vocal warm ups, usually in the form of a scale. If we're feeling particularly mischievous, we may well throw in a tongue twister or physical challenge, which can lead to all kinds of hilarity! 

All that in mind, singing is great exercise – it improves breathing, posture and helps ease muscle tension. The better your breathing and posture gets, the more your quality of sound will improve.

* Singing is absolutely fantastic for building a sense of community – we’ve no doubt that many of our members like nothing more than belting out a show tune from the comfort of their own home, but when we transfer that passion and energy into a room full of like minded people, the effect can be truly marvellous. The camaraderie we feel is second to none – it’s a great opportunity to socialise and strengthen bonds and in the age of social media and hectic lifestyles, face to face human interaction is something we could all do with a little bit more of! 

* Regardless of whatever may be going on outside of the rehearsal space, coming to choir can give one’s mood a real lift. Studies show that community singing releases neurochemicals such as beta endorphins. These are responsible for the “high” we get after exercise; so don’t fancy a workout at the gym? Join a choir instead… 

* When you join a choir, you are essentially learning a whole host of new skills. You hone your ability to sing, but you also stimulate your brain and work on your memory, because you learn lyrics and melodies. Learning how whatever part you sing impacts the song as a whole and fits together with the rest of your choir really teaches you to listen! 

All pretty cool stuff, right? Now we want to focus on our particular brand of choir magic, and give you… 

10 reasons to join Bristol Show Choir

1. You won’t find a singing group more passionate about musical theatre anywhere else in Bristol! Our “casts” welcome men and women from all walks of life, and you’re sure of a warm welcome. 

2. Just like a musical, some of our numbers feature choreography.. an extra challenge, but extra element of fun! 

3. Familiar songs, arranged in new ways make the songs feel extra special. 

4. As we’ve grown, so will our opportunities. We’ve been lucky enough to perform at various venues and events around Bristol, as well as further afield. This year, we had our first taste of competitive singing as we performed at the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition and had an absolute ball! 

5. Rehearsals are relaxed, and full of fun. There are no auditions and all parts are taught by ear. 

6. There’s no greater buzz than performing, particularly in front of an audience. 

7. Many of our members say singing has boosted their self confidence and improved their mental health. Show tunes make you happy! 

8. It’s a real lifeline for us theatre fans who struggled before to find our place socially.

9. That being said, many of our members are new to musical theatre, and its fun watching both elements of our cast bond.

10. There is pizza and beer after rehearsals.

Sold?! Get in contact with us now to join Bristol Show Choir