Bristol's Number 1 Musical Theatre Choir!

Happy New Year!

Is it still acceptable to wish everyone a Happy New Year? We at Bristol Show Choir think so, as we’re delighted to be kicking off our Spring Term very soon. Our winter concert at the beautiful Redland Park URC was another sell out, full to the brim with festive cheer and songs from some brilliant musicals and we left ready to celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year” on a high!

Now with the festive season over and a New Year upon us, it’s usually the time of year where most people start thinking about resolutions, big and small. That in mind, we’re probably being a tad biased, but have you considered making your new year’s resolution to join a fantastic choir?!

As Bristol’s number one musical theatre choir, we pride ourselves on the fact that singing makes us happy (especially show tunes!) and has helped us bond as a group, and we firmly believe that if we feel good, we sound good. What if we were to tell you there’s some science behind our belief as well? Plenty of scientific studies have explored the value of exercise on improving mental health, as it releases chemicals in the brain known as endocannabinoids that provide a natural high. It follows then, that doing other activities you enjoy, just might do the same…

The BBC series Trust Me I’m a Doctor wanted to test this theory, teaming up with a leading physiologist from Nottingham University and nine volunteers from a choir to conduct an experiment. Over four days, they tried four different activities at the same time each day, having their blood tested before and after to check endocannabinoid levels. Singing produced a massive 42% increase in levels and showed a link to mood improvement!

All the volunteers already liked to sing, but we think that’s pretty special. So, if you’re looking to try something new this year, why not join Bristol Show Choir? You’ll be sure of a warm welcome, whether you’ve sung before or are a complete novice, all we ask is that you bring your passion for theatre! Term begins next week and runs till April, on a Tuesday in Southville and Thursday in Clifton... we hope to see you there!